Northern Region Of Vizag Recommended For Capital Area: GN Rao

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HYDERABAD: Retired bureaucrat G N Rao condemned the false news reported in certain vernacular papers, contrary to what was mentioned in the Committee appointed to suggest three capitals in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Speaking to the media on Wednesday in press meet convened at the Lake View Guest House here, GN Rao clearly stated that the Committee had recommended that Visakhapatnam was an ideal place to set up the executive capital.

Reading out the excerpts from the report, he said that the place suggested was in Northern most region of the Visakhapatnam Metropolitan area, far from the coast line and core area. This was stated to clearly put to rest the false information published in Andhra Jyothi and Eenadu papers that that the GN Rao expert committee had recommended against setting up the capital in Visakhapatnam. The article also claimed that the committee advised the government on the dangers of locating the capital in the coastal city as there was a threat of cyclones, floods and rising sea levels.

GN Rao who headed the expert committee which first recommended three capitals for the state of Andhra Pradesh, strongly responded to these rumours and said that this was a rejoinder to what was published and also said that the act of burning the copies of the report by some people was most unfortunate.

Speaking further, he said the government was advised to set up 13 districts into 4 zones for effective administration. "We have made it clear in the report that Vishakhapatnam should be the executive capital," he said.The Convener said that the team had visited various parts of the state and submitted a report on the development of 13 districts.

He also dismissed the news that the Committee members were influenced by the Government and that it was an entirely false accusation. GN Rao reminded the fact that members of the committee had more than 40 years of experience in their respective fields and areas of expertise. They were not people who could succumb to such influences as they had come from different parts of the country with rich experience in their field. The report was prepared after three to four months of hard work, he said.

Visakhapatnam was the best option as executive capital and comprehensive development in all three regions was possible only through decentralisation, he said. We also clearly stated in the report that 4 local Commissionerates should be set up with full powers as part of decentralisation. We also recommended that senior officials should be appointed for these Commissionerates to function, he added.

When asked about the other places which could have been suggested ,G N Rao said that the constraints of other places like Vijayawada and Machilipatnam, were also studied and presented. He said that the recommended area for the capital between Visakhapatnam and Vijayanagaram which is 30-40 kms away from the core areas of the city, was appropriate as they were not close to the sea , nor were they polluted nor prone to any calamity because of the sea.

GN Rao also condemned malicious statements, that if the high court was established in Kurnool only four Xerox centres would come up. Clarifying the Judicial capital aspect, he said that apart from the high court, tribunals will also be formed as part of the judicial structures. GN Rao said that the recommendations were framed after taking the suggestions and opinions of the people from all strata.

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