Decentralisation Bill Tabled In AP Assembly 

Decentralisation Bill Tabled In AP Assembly Special Session - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: Decentralisation and Inclusive Development of all Regions Bill 2020 which provides for the creation of three capital cities to usher in decentralisation of development was tabled in the Assembly on the first day of the three-day special Assembly session here on Monday.

Moving the Bill, Finance Minister Buggana Rajendernath said, the Bill proposes to have a Legislative Capital at Amaravati Executive Capital and Raj Bhavan at Visakhapatnam and Judicial Capital at Kurnool to fulfill the aspirations of all regions.

The decision was arrived at after careful consideration of facts and lessons history has taught us and the recommendations of various Committees with people of eminence in their chosen fields starting from Faisal Ali Commission to the latest recommendations High Power Committee.

All the Committees, including Sivaramakrishnan Committee, had unanimously voted for decentralisation of development and not to take any steps to harm the ecological balance of the State.

Sivaramakrishnan Committee has even vetoed the present region for Capital.

Setting aside all the Committee Reports, the previous TDP government focused only on one area and has put all development in one basket and has the dubious distinction of resorting to insider trading with Chandrababu Naidu's family members, his inner circle, coterie and his cabinet colleagues, coming from far and wide, buying land in the periphery of the yet to be announced capital region.

This is breach of oath on part of Chandrababu Naidu for leaking the information of the location of capital even before it was officially announced.

Decentralisation is a concept which was advocated in 1937 itself by the Sri Bagh pact which is reflecting in the decentralisation development which is the spirit of the Bill.

Minister Kurasala Kannababu

“It is really pathetic to see Andhra Pradesh in drought conditions even after 72 years of Independence in our country,” said Minister for Agriculture Kurasala Kannababu during Assembly proceedings on Monday. He further said that Chandrababu Naidu is solely responsible for the poor condition of the State economy and the plight of Amaravati farmers.

“Even after pooling 33,000 acres from the farmers for the development of the capital city, Naidu only showed colorful graphics and finally cheated the farmers. In all his five year tenure, he never bothered to do justice for the farmers of Amaravati. Backward regions are emerging only due to the inequality in development taking place across the State. That is why, even today, Rayalaseema and North Andhra regions have been in an extremely backward category. In order to develop those regions, Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy proposed decentralisation. All the expert committees have suggested going with decentralisation.” he added.

“Today, we are paying Rs 750 Crores alone every year for rents to run government offices. In all these five years, Rs 3,750 Crores were used for paying rents,” said MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy, during a discussion on Decentralisation Bill in AP Assembly on Monday. He further said that Chandrababu Naidu fearing for Cash for Vote case has come from Hyderabad losing the joint capital status and benefits which were given for 10 long years. Only because of his foolish decisions, today the State government is spending over Rs 750 Crore towards rent.

He further stated that the government will also take the responsibility to study the CRDA Act and the lottery process of allocation of lands to the farmers. “The TDP government brought this lottery procedure and cheated the farmers in the name of transparency. But with insider trading, all the good lands have been allocated to their people and farmers were provided with uneven lands. Pooling 33,000 acres for capital is meaningless and was also opposed by many. Our government increased the benefits for the farmers of the Amaravati region and we would consider returning the lands of those farmers whose lands were remained untouched and if they want to take back their lands.” he added.

MLA Rapaka Varaprasad of Janasena Party hailed the welfare schemes and developmental initiatives by the Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy during the discussion on Decentralisation bill in State assembly on Monday. He further welcomed the State government decision of Decentralisation and supported the bill. “It is important to develop the backward regions and decentralisation is required at the moment. Even the opposition members are also happy with this idea but they are taking the backstep because they are in opposition and they have to oppose the State government idea.”

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