Sankranti 2020: Rituals Followed, Auspicious Timing And Its Explanation

Happy Makar Sankranti 2020 - Sakshi Post

Sankranti is a unique festival. People of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana celebrates it for three days. The first day is called 'Bhogi', the second day is Makara and the third day is called 'Kanuma'.

Sankranti is the only festival that is celebrated across the country with different names. People follow different rituals on the auspicious day of Sankranti which falls on January 15, following their localization, culture, and traditions. ‘Sankranti’ is the first Indian festival which falls Immediately after New Year.

Some people even call it a harvest festival as this festival marks the harvest of winter crops. Sankranti can also be called the festival of human union which gives a chance for meeting family members as more people from villages have migrated to cities, return to their villages to celebrate the festival.


Importance of Bhogi

On Bhogi day, people light a bonfire ‘Bhogi Mantalu’ with all the old and useless items in the home and this is followed as a ritual on Bhogi day. In the evening people arrange Bommala Koluvu which is an arrangement of images of Gods, toys, and dolls at homes.

People shower kids between ages three and six with seasonal fruits on Bhogi day as a tradition.


Makar Sankranti is considered good for starting any auspicious work. It is called ‘Uttarayana Punyakalam’ in which the Sun makes its journey to the Northern hemisphere from Makara Rasi. People take a head bath and offer prayers to god offering Naivedhya to god.


Happy Kanuma 2020

Kanuma is the last day of three-day Sankranti festival which is dedicated to worship live-stock, as per Hindu traditions. The cattle are decorated and worshiped on the day

According to some hindu puranas, lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan Hills on the auspicious day of Kanuma to protect the people of Gokulam.

January 15 Sankranti

Auspicious period of the day 7.19 am to 12.31 PM

Most auspicious period of the day from 7.19 to 9.03 PM

Rituals To Be Followed On Sankranti Day

*All the people clean their house completely, before starting of the festival.

*Everyone takes head bath early in the morning on the festival day

*People decorate the front of their houses beautifully with Rangoli

*People start their day with Surya Namaskar offering milk to lord Surya

*People worship lord ‘Surya Dev’ by lighting the lamp and chanting ‘Surya mantra’ 12 times on the festival day, that will get rid of all the troubles that one might be facing.

*According to Hindu traditions people place the idol or picture of Lord Shani in the praying room.

*People offer four ‘til ladoos’ and some money to the gods on the festival day.

*After completing the pooja rituals people distribute ‘fruits and flowers’ to all the married ladies.

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