Vijayawada Man Commits Suicide Due To Money Lender Harassment

Vijayawada Man Commits Suicide Due Money Lender Harassment - Sakshi Post

VIJAYAWADA: A 35-year-old man committed suicide due to harassment a money lender, by jumping from the Buckingham Canal into the Krishna River in Tadepalli town on Saturday, December 28.

The deceased had been identified as Prem Kumar, who had sent a selfie video as a suicide note to his wife before committing sucide. Prem Kumar and his sister Jyothi who belongs to Patamata in Vijayawada have mortgaged their two houses to a dealer named Ranga Rao in 2017 and borrowed Rs 6 lakh from him.

Ranga Rao initially gave money for Rs 3 as interest and later increased the interest rate to Rs.10. Prem Kumar and Jyoti have paid the original amount of Rs 5 lakh along with interest.

They asked Ranga Rao to return the documents of their houses after they repaid the remaining Rs 1 lakh. Ranga Rao asked them to further pay an amount of Rs 16 lakh as per the increased interest rate.

In the sucide video the Man alleged that four moneylenders has pressurised him for the repayment of money he had taken, although he had cleared the debt and even paid extra money as interest.

Kumar even alleged that local police didn't take any action even after he filed a complaint.

In the recorded video, Kumar said that four moneylenders Ranga Rao, Kola Kiran Kumar, Kola Rambabu and Thupakula Mahesh threatened to kill him if he failed to pay the amount.

He alleged, "Ranga Rao attacked me for filing a police case against him, and threatened to kill me."

All the four money lenders accused me because of my caste, said the victim.

Kumar went to Buckingham Canal and sent a selfie video to his wife on the evening of December 28 before committing suicide.

The police have registered a case and are investigating. Two State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) teams have been selected to fish out the victim’s body from the river.

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