Rayalaseema Irrigation Projects Will Be Filled Within 50 Days After Floods : AP CM

AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy emphasized that the government is drafting plans to fill all the irrigation projects in the Rayalseema within 50 days after floods.

AP CM said that the Chandrababu government has failed to complete the project works and which is why the reason even after abundant rainfall the projects in Rayalseema have not filled.

During the question hour in the assembly, the Chief Minister said that the government is preparing an action plan and would complete the process within a month. The plan will be in such a way that the projects in Rayalaseema would be filled within 50 days of floods. For the same, the government would call for the tenders in the next month for the project works and increase the canals capacity of a few projects.

He said that if Chandrababu would have increased the capacity of canals and have given R & R packages on time all the projects could have been filled with water today but Chandrababu failed to do it.

The Chief Minister said that the Gorakallu reservoir full capacity is 12.44 TMC, but only 8 TMC was filled, the Gollapalli Reservoir capacity was 1.9 TMC but only filled 1 TMC was filled, and in Anantapur, only 3.5 TMC was filled in MidPennar while its capacity is 5 TMC.

Talking about Chitravathi reservoir in Pulivendula assembly constituency he said that despite repeating a number of times about Chitravathi reservoir only 6.8 TMC water was filled against its 10 TMC capacity. He also mentioned that only 12 TMC of water was filled in the Gandikota reservoir against its 26.5 TMCs capacity, in the Penna-Ahobilam Balancing Reservoir, only 3.38 TMC water was filled against its 11 TMCs capacity and Brahmasagar Reservoir was able to store only 6.28 TMC water against its 17.28 TMC capacity.

The Chief Minister said that the YSRCP MLA Raghurami Reddy and he have said that the Velugodu to Brahmasagar canal should be repaired; not even 2,000 cusecs of water was not being supplied against its 5,000 cusecs capacity. Sarvaraya Reservoir was filled with 1 TMC water against its 3 TMC capacity. The Paidipalem reservoir was filled with 5.44 TMC water against its 6 TMC and this is because of our firm actions on this project.

He said that if Chandrababu could have given Rs 980 crore for the R&R package of the Gandikota project, the reservoir could have been filled with water today. From 2004 to 2014, GNSS has spent Rs. 5,036 crore.

And for Handriniva, Rs. 6,593 crore has been spent. During Chandrababu’s reign, only Rs 198 crore was spent on the Rayalaseema projects, including Gandikota.

The Chief Minister said that about Rs 400 crore was released before elections under the R&R package and works have resumed. If Chandrababu during his tenure could have released Rs 420 crores and an additional Rs 980 crores Gandikota project could have been filled.

He said that Rs 1,000 crore are yet to be paid under R&R to the Veligonda project and it will be filled by the upcoming June after the money is released.

He said that they are planning to release Rs 980 crore and Rs 1,000 crore under R & R for the Gandikota reservoir and Veligonda project respectively.

The Chief Minister said that the government is planning to increase the capacity of the Pothireddipadu head regulator from 44,000 cusecs to 80,000 cusecs and Telugu Ganga canal from 11,500 cusecs to 18,000 cusecs. While the SRBC canal capacity would be increased to 30,000 cusecs from 21,000 cusecs, KC Canal-Nippulavadu from 12,500 cusecs to 35,000 cusecs.

The Owk tunnel capacity is 20,000 cusecs, even after five years the capacity has been restricted to 10,000 cusecs and now the government would increase it to 30,000 cusecs.

He said that Gandikota canal capacity would be increased to 30,000 cusecs from 20,000 cusecs, HNSS canal capacity to 6,000 cusecs from 2100 cusecs, and Telugu Ganga main canal capacity would be increased to 8,000 cusecs from the existing 3500 cusecs.

Moreover, the 2,000 cusecs water from Gandikota to CBR lift would be increased to 4,000 cusecs. And 4,000 cusecs water flow from Gandikota to GNS main canal would be increased to 6,000 cusecs.

He said that Chandrababu has never bothered about all these projects. And its been only six months that YSRCP has come into power, and the government has started the R&R process.

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