YS Jagan At Aarogya Aasara Launch:Humanity Is My Religion And My Caste Is Keeping Up The Promises Made

AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy at the launch of YSR Aarogya Aasara - Sakshi Post

GUNTUR: Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy gave a sharp rebuttal to the detractors ' talk on his religion and caste and said that he would go forward with his welfare agenda brushing aside such remarks.

Speaking at the launch of YSR Arogya Asara - a post operative sustenance scheme here on Monday, the Chief Minister said, 'my religion is humanity and my caste is keeping up the promises made,' amid thunderous ovation.

It is unfortunate that some people are talking about my religion and my caste. Despite all such talk, we will go forward with our welfare work, he said in a tone that clearly disaproves such remarks by detractors.

The new scheme was launched at the Guntur Government Hospital premises where the Chief Minister also distributed cheques to the patients who are receiving treatment in the hospital there.

Highlights from AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Speech at Guntur

- As part of the Arogya Aasara scheme patients would be paid Rs.225 per day or Rs.5,000 per month while the patient is recuperating after the treatment or surgery. This will be given for as many months of the patients resting period. and also based on doctor's prescription.

- Within six months of coming to power, we have embarked on revolutionary changes in the field of medical health. We have also increased the scope of health insurance to Rs 5 lakh per annum.

- We are going to issue new health cards from January 1st 202. We also give them QR code which will contain details of the person's medical record.

- Arogyasri scheme will also be extended 1200 diseases from January 1st 2020.

- If the medical cost exceeds a minimum of Rs.1000 then that will also be included in the Arogyasri scheme.

- The scheme will first be implemented in West Godavari district for 3 months from January 1. After which it will be expanded one by one in each district from April.

- We bring 2 thousand diseases under the healthcare scheme.

- The Government intends to purchased more than 1060 ambulances to improve the 108 and 104 services. They will be made available by April 1.

- Arogyasri medical services have been implemented in over 150 super specialty hospitals in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore.

- By December 15, 510 types of medicines will be available at government hospitals.

- Medicines which follow the World Health Organization's standards will be available by April at the same government hospitals

- From December 26th the hospitals conditions will be changed in three years under the Nadu-Nedu scheme.Country-today. We are going to change the look of hospitals in three years.

- Thalassemia, sickle cell, and haemophilia sufferers get a pension of Rs 10,000.

- Patients who are suffering from paralysis and other ailments and confined to the wheel chair will be given Rs 5,000 pension.

- Rs. 5000 pension will also be extended for patients suffering from elphentiasus and kidney diseases (Stages 3, 4, 5).

- Similarly, leprosy patients will also be brought into the Rs3,000 pension category.

- By the month of May, doctors, nurses and staff posts will be filled in hospitals.

- Improved treatment for cancer patients from January 1 who have been included in the Arogyasri Scheme. The government will bear the cost of the radiation treatment for any number of cycles.

- We have directed the marking of network hospitals to Grade-A, Grade-A plus.

- Arogyasri cannot be applied to hospitals which does not have grade-one category.

- Grade-A hospitals must be converted to Grade-A Plus within six months

- Establishment of new hospitals in Vijayanagara, Padaru, Eluru, Gurajala, Machilipatnam, Markapuram, Pulivendu

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