AMARAVATI: Farmers expressed their outrage over TDP president N Chandrababu's tour to Amaravati. Flexies were erected in the name of capital farmers and labourers, who strongly opposed Chandrababu's visit to Amaravati on Thursday. The Flexi were seen in all the surrounding districts in Krishna river basin and Rayapudi.

Farmers questioned Chandrababu over the unfulfilled promises which were made during Chandrababu's regime during the land pooling for Amravati capital construction.

Farmers questioned how Chandrababu visit to their villages after ditching them in the name of Capital construction, and without fulfilling any of the promises given to them during his regime.

"Why did you betray us by showing colorful graphics in the name of Amaravati capital" farmers question Chandrababu.

The farmers demanded Chandrababu to apologize for cheating them in the name of capital. They made it clear that Chandrababu should not enter into the capital without requesting an apology from farmers.

Farmers said that Chandrababu led Telugu Desam Party (TDP) government had grabbed thousands of acres of land from 28,054 farmers from 29 villages in the Tullur, Mangalagiri and Tadepalli zones through land acquisition.

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