Amaravati Farmers Demands Apology From Chandrababu

Amaravati Farmers Demands Apology From Chandrababu - Sakshi Post

GUNTUR: Amaravati farmers have expressed their outrage at TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu for trying to provoke them against the present ruling YSRCP regime over the construction of capital in Amaravati.

The farmers have questioned Chandrababu Naidu over the unfulfilled promises which were made during Chandrababu's regime at the time of land accumulation for Amaravati capital construction.

Amaravati farmers have lashed out at the TDP president saying he had cheated them by grabbing their lands. Farmers questioned how will Chandrababu visit their villages on November 28 as announced by him, without fulfilling any of the promises given to them during his regime.

The farmers demanded Chandrababu apologize for cheating them in the name of capital. They made it clear that Chandrababu should not enter into the capital without an apology to farmers.

"When YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was in opposition, he visited our villages and listened to all our problems," said farmers. They added that Chandrababu had then insulted YS Jagan during his visit by spraying 'yellow water' over him.

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