Will Restore The Former Glory Of Schools Through Nadu-Nedu Programme: YS Jagan

YS Jagan Held Review Meeting On Nadu Nedu Programme - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that government was implementing Nadu-Nedu programme with a huge budget to restore the lost glory of the government schools in State. Speaking in a review meeting held on Tuesday November 5, on the Nadu-Nedu programme attended by Ministers Adimulapu Suresh, Alla Nani and other officials, YS Jagan said that around 45,000 schools will get good infrastructure and other amenities in the first phase.

The government will focus on Junior Colleges, Degree Colleges, Polytechnic Colleges, ITIs, Gurukul schools and hostels in the second phase.

It may be recollected that the government announced this initiative to launch the Nadu Nedu programme in schools from Grade 1 to 8 this year and to extend it to Grade 9 by the next year.

Under the Nadu-Nedu programme, school buildings, compound walls, furniture, computer labs, separate toilets for girls and boys and many more facilities will be provided. The state government under this scheme will initially take up nine different types of works.

YS Jagan announced that the state government will launch Mana Badi Nadu-Nedu programme on November 14, Children's Day which falls on birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru. He even instructed the officers to prepare a checklist of the activities, which are to be implemented in every school.

The CM added that the state government has appointed education committees as partners for this Nadu-Nedu programme. He further added that even parents’ committees will play a significant role in the scheme and the development works will be taken considering their suggestions.

The government hospitals maintenance and repair works will be done under the Nadu-Nedu programme. All the works related to PHCs, CHCs, Area Hospitals, and District Hospitals repair would be taken care by the state government.

He instructed the officials that every hospital should be equipped with all the necessary drugs required for treatment and ensure no shortage.

YS Jagan ordered them to keep more than 510 medicines available in every hospital. All these should be made available from December 15, he said.

YS Jagan ordered the officers to speed up recruitment and fill up doctors and nurses posts in government hospitals by next May.

The Chief Minister ordered the officials to recruit the teachers depending upon the student population ratio and complete this process by Sankranti and asked the officers to prepare a plan for effective implementation of Nadu-Nedu programme in schools and colleges. There should be no compromise in quality of uniform supply and furniture in the schools, he said.

While concluding the meeting YS Jagan asked the officials to ensure schools from rural, tribal and municipal areas to be involved while implementing each phase of Nadu Nedu programme.

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