Centre To Release Funds For Polavaram In First Week

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AMARAVATI: Union Finance Ministry has agreed to release Rs. 3,000 crores for Polavaram major irrigation project. In response to a requisition from newly formed Jalashakti Ministry, the Finance Ministry has sent a communication to U.P. Singh, Secretary, Jalashakti that it will release the amount through NABARD.

It has to be mentioned here that the state government has spent Rs.16, 935.60 crores out of which Rs.5, 135.87 crores before April 1, 2014, on which it was not declared as National Project. After that, the state spent Rs.11, 799.73 crores and Centre has reimbursed Rs.6, 727.26 and arrears were shown as Rs.5, 072.47 crores.

After YS Jagan Mohan Reddy took charge as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, conducted a review meeting with irrigation officials in which he found that the then Telugu Desam government failed to send Audit Report for the period before April 1, 2014 and the abnormal delay by Chandrababu government has put funds release from Center in jeopardy. The Chief Minister immediately asked the officials to address the issue and sent an Audit Report.

During the meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has appealed to release arrears Rs.5, 072.47 crores for Polavaram and subsequently wrote a letter to Jalashakti Ministry.

In response to this, the Jalashakti Ministry wrote a letter to the Finance Ministry which came forward to release the funds immediately. The Jalashakti Ministry has also informed the state that it should furnish utilization certificate for the funds regularly.

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