The Government has decided to implement ‘Y.S.R. Nethanna Nestham’ scheme by providing Rs.24,000 per annum to every weaver family who owns a Handloom so as to modernize their equipment and in-turn compete with the power looms sector.

A government Order with the following details was issued in this regard.

The Director of Handlooms & Textiles has furnished detailed guidelines and procedures to be followed for disbursing YSR Nethanna Nestham scheme

The Government, after careful examination of the matter hereby agrees to the proposal to assist the weavers families subject to the following conditions;

(a) The assistance of Rs 24,000/- shall be paid to the weaver family who owns a Handloom.

(b) One weaver family shall be eligible for only one benefit, irrespective of the number of looms owned by them.

(c) The weaver family shall belong to the Below the Poverty Line category. (d) The scheme shall be implemented from the month of December 2019.

(e) The expenditure for the scheme shall be met from within the provision made for the scheme in the B.E.2019-20. 4. The expenditure shall be met from the following head of account;

2851 - Village & Small Industries 103 - Handloom Industries GSH-11 - State Development Scheme SH-11 - YSR Assistance to Weavers DH310 - Grants-in-aid SDH312 - Other Grants-in-Aid.

The detailed guidelines for implementation of the ‘YSR Nethanna Nestham’ scheme for providing Rs.24,000/- per annum to every weaver family who owns a Handloom to modernize their equipment and to compete with the power looms sector are annexed to this order.

The Director of Handlooms & Textiles, shall take necessary action accordingly.

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