Guntur: Bike Catches Fire at Petrol Pump As Biker Answers Call  

Fire Breaks Out At Sattenapalle Petrol Pump - Sakshi Post

Sattenapalle: A fire broke out at a petrol bunk in Sattenapalle of Guntur district on Tuesday, October 22, when two men arrived at the petrol bunk to fill their bikes with petrol. While the bunk crew was patrolling, the man on the bike got a call and lifted the phone to attend the call.

According to the reports, the fire broke out at the Shyam Sundar petrol bunk as soon as the person on the bike attended the call. This caused panic and people ran in different directions away from the fire.

However, Petrol Bunk staff responded in a timely manner and the flames were brought under control. The incident has proven how dangerous cellphone usage can be dangerous at a petrol bunk.

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