Bapuji Teachings Inspired Navaratnalu: YS Jagan

Bapuji Teachings Inspired Navaratnalu: YS Jagan - Sakshi Post

In view of Gandhi Jayanthi on October 2, YS Jagan Wrote about the greatness of Gandhi and the way development in Andhra Pradesh have been based on his life and teachings.

Here’s what he had to say about Bapuji:

Mahatma Gandhi is an inspiration for the developmental programs in Andhra Pradesh. Bapuji’s life is real meaning for truth, non-violence, and peace. On the occasion of his 150th Birthday, his dream of ‘Grama Swarajya’ has become true through Andhra Pradesh government’s ‘Village Secretariat’ system.

Last month, we have closed 43,000 belt shops and reduced the alcohol shops from 4,380 to 3,500. Bapuji’s words ‘The soul of India lies in the villages’ is an inspiration for the implementation of ‘Navaratnalu’ and serve farmers, the welfare of poor and under privileged people.

The most respected personality whom the countries and continents remember him forever because of his inspiring ‘My Life is My Message.’

Mahatma Gandhi is an unfaded character in mankind.

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