Police seized Five-and-half tonnes of ration rice meant for public distribution from a rice mill belonging to TDP leader Srinivasulu Naidu on Monday. 5 tons of ration rice was brought in on a lorry. While the ration rice was being examined by the Civil Affairs Department and the police, another auto with no number plate reached the mill with ration rice. Srinivasan Naidu's brother tries to hint the auto driver to secretly escape from there, However, Kavali Rural CI Murali Krishna, SI Aruna kumari and ASP Thirumala Reddy caught the Auto driver.

According to the reports, some of the dealers around Nellore and Prakasam districts are making profits by collecting ration rice from various sources and are selling them in the open market for a higher price. Even though police officers are taking strict actions against such millers there is no change in them.

Extensive networks have been set up to collect ration rice from Nellore and Prakasam zones. They are paying about Rs 15 per kg of ration rice. Ration rice after procurement is being transported to the mills in old urea bags. Here they are stored in mills and transported to the market. Civil Authority officers who got Information about the ration rice transportation at TDP leader Srinivasulu Naidu’s mill reached there and caught them on the spot.

Police registered a case over the Issue and started their Inquiry into the case.

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