The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, has launched the scheme of distribution of packed quality rice through village/ward volunteers at the door steps of the beneficiaries in Srikakulam district on 6th of this month, on a pilot basis. This is an innovative scheme of Govt. of AP and first of its kind in India.

The Districts administration has made extensive arrangements for the above program of Door to Door delivery of quality rice bags by Village/ward volunteers throughout the Srikakulam district including tribal areas. The District Administration was able to complete 100% distribution within 2 days, which is a record of sorts. The program was a grand success and received good feedback from all corners of the Srikakulam Districts. Around 15102 volunteers have participated and 9,36,115 bags were distributed at the door steps of beneficiaries including 15 inaccessible hill top villages of ITDA area. Different modes of transport including trucks, autos, boats, head loads etc. were used for the said distribution program.

Wide appreciation was received from all sections of the society regarding the quality of rice. However due to continuous rains in Srikakulam district last week including the days of distribution, it was found that rain water seepage occurred into 30 bags during the distribution and the rice in the said bags got damaged. The district administration has immediately replaced the above bags with good rice bags. Thus, it is clear that only 30 bags out of 9,36,115 bags (less than 0.00003%) got damaged and discolored due to seepage of rain water inside during distribution.

On the whole, there is overwhelming positive response from the public of Srikakulam regarding quality and quantity of rice bags supplied. The beneficiaries have expressed their utmost satisfaction. However, certain people with vested interests and ulterior motives have spread fake news and rumors regarding the quality of rice distributed. The Civil Supplies department is continuously taking feedback from the pilot project to standardise the door to door delivery system. The general public are requested not to believe the fake news andrumors, since it was a grand success in Srikakulam district.

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