Andhra Pradesh: A Woman delivered a premature dead baby in the toilet of Hindupur government hospital, and left the baby in the bathroom.

As per Police reports, Kamalamma (32) and Chandra has a five-year-old child. Kamalamma told her husband that she had undergone a family planning operation a year ago.

However, Kamalamma conceived again due to the failure of the family planning operation. But she was scared to tell the same to her husband. So she hid her pregnancy. However, Chandra who eventually learnt about his wife's pregnancy suggests that she abort the child after they came to know that the foetus was abnormal from scanning reports.

As per reports, Kamalamma made several failed attempts to terminate the foetus. She went to Hindupur Government Hospital after experiencing pain in the stomach on Saturday morning. as per doctors, she gave birth to a dead baby in the hospital toilet as she had taken several pills to abort the foetus. Fearing consequences, Kamalamma left the baby and silently walked away from the hospital.

Hospital staff who has noticed Kamalamma's abnormal behavior went into the bathroom to find a dead baby wrapped in a plastic cover.

The doctor informed the police about the incident. The police reached her home for inquiry. That's when Kamalamma revealed the truth behind her leaving the dead baby in the hospital toilet.

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