East & West Godavari Villages Brace Up For Floods, Again!

East & West Godavari Villages Brace Up For Floods - Sakshi Post

Amaravati: Hundreds of villages in East and West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh were again on the verge of floods as river Godavari remained in spate on Saturday.

Heavy rains in Maharashtra, the main catchment area of Godavari, have increased the water flow in the river with the level inching closer to the danger mark at the Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage in Dowaleswaram.

The State Disaster Management Authority said in a release on Saturday night that 8,11,353 cusecs of water flowed into the SAC Barrage and the same was being discharged into the Bay of Bengal.

The first warning signal would be issued once the level touches 10 lakh cusecs later in the night.

In all, 283 villages in the two Godavari districts face the threat of inundation if 10 lakh cusecs water is discharged.

Accordingly, an alert has been sounded and the SDMA Commissioner K Kanna Babu has asked people in the flood-hit areas to move to safer places.

NDRF and SDRF teams have also been put on alert to meet any eventuality, SDMA said. This time, however, officials feel there could not be a threat of that scale

Meanwhile, the river Krishna is also witnessing a fresh flood due to copious inflows from upper riparian states.

At Srisailam, 2.20 lakh cusecs flowed in while 98,337 cusecs was being let out. Consequently, Nagarjuna Sagar reservoir downstream received 72,790 cusecs.

Both Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar are filled to the brim due to the flood last month and, as such, any fresh inflows will have to be discharged downstream, official sources in the Water Resources Department said. (PTI)

Reservoirs/Barrages/Dams Water Level Status Report for the Andhra Pradesh APSDMA – SEOC

The latest status of Reservoirs/Barrages/Dams Water Level on various River basins in the state of Andhra Pradesh & Neighbour States are as follows:

Vamsadhara River Basin Reservoir Levels:

- Gotta Barrage (Srikakulam):

Inflow: 71,852 C/s as of 09:00 Hours

Outflow: 71,852 C/s as of 09:00 Hours

First Level Warning Continue

Warning Levels: 1st - 40,000 C/s; 2nd – 80,000 C/s and 3rd – 1, 06,000 C/s

Godavari River Basin Reservoir/Dam Levels:

- Bhadrachalam Dam (Telangana):

Present level: 46.7 fts as of 09:00 Hours

First Level Warning Continue

Warning Levels: 1st – 43 fts; 2nd – 48fts and 3rd – 53 fts

- Dowaleswaram (East Godavari):

Inflow: 10, 14,016 C/s as of 09:00 Hours

Outflow: 10, 14,016 C/s as of 09:00 Hours

First Level Warning Issued

Warning Levels: 1st – 10, 00,000 C/s; 2nd – 13, 00,000 C/s and 3rd – 17, 00,000 C/s

Krishna River Basin Reservoir/Dam Levels:

- Tungabhadra (Karnataka):

Inflow: 97,352 cusecs, Out Flow: 1, 12,705 cusecs as of 09:00 Hours

- Srisailam Dam:

Inflow: 2, 34,122 cusecs, Out Flow: 1, 01,895 cusecs as of 09:00 Hours

- Nagarjuna sagar Dam:

Inflow: 89,254 cusecs, Out Flow: 43,907 cusecs as of 09:00 Hours

- Pulichintala (Guntur):

Inflow: 28,525 cusecs, Out Flow: 28,525 cusecs 09:00 Hours

Preparedness Measures:

1. Two SDRF Teams with 84 Personnel has been Deployed to Rampachodavaram ITDA PO Office

2. One SDRF Team Mobilized to Chinturu ITDO PO Office

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