Yerragondapalem (Prakasam): A married woman staged a protest in front of her husband's house. The incident took place at Kolukula SC Palem on Friday.

According to villagers, Burigela Pilupu and Mariamma fell in love with each other. When they were about to get married, Mariamma's parents Yesaiah and Divenamma married her off daughter to another person in Tangirala. Later, Pilupu used to go to her house frequently. On noticing it, Marriama’s husband gave her a divorce.

Pilupu had taken her to Guntur and married her. They both went to Hanuman Junction and to Hyderabad for daily labour work. After three months, conflicts arose between them and then Pilupu left her in Kolukula village.

Mariamma’s relatives and local panchayat leaders got involved and asked Pilupu to take his wife with him. Pilupu refused to do any such thing and had a conflict with his relatives. After all these incidents, she staged a protest in front of his house. On knowing of what was happening, Peddaraveedu police reached the spot and filed a case and started probing the case.

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