Show Cause Notice To Kodela Sivaram On Illegal Construction

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Guntur: The District Town Planning officials have issued a notice to former speaker Kodela Siva Prasad Rao's son Kodela Sivaram on Friday. This was related to a G+2 building in Guntur town built by Kodela Sivaram.

It is alleged that Sivaram had built the G+ 2 residential building without obtaining prior permission from the Guntur Town Planning department and Municipal Corporation. The show case notice was issued based on an article published in the Sakshi Telugu newspaper on the 20th of this month. In response to the article, the Town Planning Officers of the Guntur Corporation have initiated action against Kodela Sivaram for the illegal construction.

As per the notice Kodela Sivaram has 997 square yards of land under survey numbers 281 / A, 296 / A and 1019 square yards under survey numbers 291 / A, 296 / D at Bhagyanagar Colony, Eighth Line, in the suburbs of Guntur City. About eight months ago, Sivaram without obtaining municipal permission went on to construct the building, which interestingly at that time was not questioned by the officials.

Officials have issued show cause notices under Sections 452 (1), 428, 461 (1) of the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Act of 1955 and under Sections 115 (1) (2) and 116 (1) of the Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Act of 2014 seeking an explanation for the illegal construction.

Earlier Kodela Sivaram tried to regularise the building by filing an application under the BPS scheme. Town Planning officials rejected the BPS application because it was not clear how the building would fall under the scheme. Then he tried to apply for the Vacant Land tax on September 3, 2018. Officials said that the site was previously a farmland. The corporation's revenue officials went to the site in September last year to look into the vacant land tax, but the building had not yet commenced. It was reported that Kodela Sivaram applied for BPS for a building which was started before August last year, but the actual slab work was completed by the end of August.

It was reported that several officials in Town Planning department were also supporting him. Intelligence surveillance was already being conducted on these errant officials and the DTCP (Director of Town and Country Planning) and Municipal Administration officials were informed about the matter. It is reported that the authorities are preparing to take stern action against any town planning officer who were attempting to regularize this illegal construction.

With the former speaker Kodela Siva Prasad Rao and both his children Poonati Vijayalakshmi, Kodela Sivaram neck deep in cases related to land grabbing, evading tax, and the infamous of them all - illegally taking the AP Assembly furniture, this show cause notice has added to their woes.

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