AP Fisherman Washed Away By River Krishna

Source : Deccan Chronicle - Sakshi Post

Vijayawada: In a freak accident, a fisherman named Majji Appanna was washed away in the River Krishna when the crest gates were opened on Saturday.

The incident occurred when officials lifted five crest gates of the Prakasam barrage on Saturday, to remove a boat, which stuck in one of the sluice gates since the past one week.

It is reported that many people were present there on the barrage, apart from the Minister for Irrigation and Water resources P Anil Kumar Yadav and Vijayawada District Collector A. Md. Imtiaz. They had come to oversee operations to dislodge the boat stuck at Gate No. 68.

It wasn't clear as to where he was standing and whether the elderly person had accidently fallen of the barrage. Hundreds of people say him being swept away by water released through the five gates of the Prakasam barrage.

With reports stating that the attention of the officials was focussed on the Minister, they failed to notice the fisherman falling. However, the Collector stated that the NDRF teams were immediately called for, but by the time teams managed to trace the fisherman, he had already died.

He condemned the allegation of negligence by the officials. Appanna was watching the release of water along with the other visitors and had fallen accidentally into the river.

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