Water Released From Pulichintala Project Into Prakasam Barrage

Water Released From Pulichintala Project Into Prakasam Barrage - Sakshi Post

Suryapet: With heavy rainfall and high water inflows into the Pulichintala reservoir, the official machinery swung into action and released water into lower areas. While the water level at its highest point is 175 feet, the level now stands at 152 feet. As a result, 14 gates of the Pulichintala project were opened releasing water into the Prakasam Barrage. After the water level in the Barrage rises to 12 feet from the current 10, officials said they would release water from the East and West canals. Due to heavy inflows into Nagarjuna Sagar and Srisailam, water levels in Pulichintala and Prakasam Barrage have been rising steadily.

Officials have warned people in the three mandals of low-lying areas in the district to move to safer places. They have also cautioned fishermen against venturing out. Meanwhile, Pulichintala has been receiving huge inflows of flood waters. While the project has a total capacity of 45.77 TMC, currently the water level has risen to 17 TMC.

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