Mystery Shrouds Death Of 80 Cows In Vijayawada Shelter Home

Mystery Shrouds Death Of 80 Cows In Vijayawada Shelter Home - Sakshi Post

Vijayawada: Over 80 cows were found dead in a cow protection shelter located on the outskirts of Vijayawada, on Saturday morning. The secretary of the shelter immediately informed the matter to Animal Husbandry and police officials.

On reaching the spot, Animal Husbandry officials treated fifteen other cows who had been sick at the shelter. The shelter is maintained by Vijayawada Gosamrakshana Sangham from the year 2003. It has a capacity of housing over 1,300 cows. A member of the management said they have been using the fodder from Addanki for years.

According to Animal Husbandry Department officials, the cows died of suffocation. The carcasses have been sent for autopsy being conducted by officials of the animal husbandry department. The cause of death will be known only after the release of post-mortem reports. As of now, it is believed to be of contamination in the fodder supplied to the shelter, added the member.

The caretakers of the shelter said that they have stopped feeding green fodder to the cows and are using only dry fodder to them and said that they are waiting for further instructions from the veterinary doctors

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