Facebook Friends Blackmail Anantapur Woman, Arrested

Facebook Friends Blackmail Anantapur Woman, Arrested - Sakshi Post

Anantapur, Rayadurgam Rural: Facebook chatting with strangers could land us in trouble. Once such instance took place in Rayadurgam. Going into the details...

A married woman from Rayadurgam lodged a complaint with police on Tuesday claiming that four youths threatened to rape her. According to Urban CIO Riaz Ahmed, four years ago a man from the town married a young woman from Karnataka. They have a three-year-old son.

For the past one year, the woman used to go to a nearby shop early in the morning to fetch a packet of milk. In due course, she became friends one Mahesh working in the shop. The two grew closer over time. At the same time, she got friend requests from people on her facebook account from the same town from Pavan, Chieti Mallikarjuna and Farooq. They tricked her through Facebook chatting and managed to get her cell phone number.

Through Facebook chatting the three friends learned about her personal information and family matters. Then they started to harass her and blackmail her. They threatened to attack her with with acid if she didn't fulfil their wishes.

The Sexual harassment from her Facebook friends Pawan, Chieti Mallikarjuna and Farooq, along with Mahesh, had become unbearable and as a way of escape, the victim attempted suicide by taking sleeping tablets. After the incident, her husband and aunt came to know about the matter and called the police.

Police took a written complaint from her and arrested four of them under sections 376, 370, 354, 506 and sent the victim to Anantapur Government Hospital for medical examination.

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