Man Held For Video Graphing His Intimate Moments With Several Women In Mogalthuru

Man Held For Video Graphing Obscene Videos - Sakshi Post

West Godavari: A mobile shop owner was arrested by the police for trapping women and recording their intimate moments on his cell phone in Mogalthuru in West Godavari district on Tuesday.

According to the Mogalthuru police, the accused was running a mobile phone repair and service centre in the town. Over the period of time, he was targeting innocent women who came to his shop to get their phone repaired. He would befriend them to a point where they would fall for his sweet talk. Taking advantage of this, he got intimate with them and without their knowledge recorded the same on his phone.

His assistant got hold of his phone and was shocked to see the obscene videos and forwarded them to his cell phone. Afterwards, he started sharing them with his friends over WhatsApp and other social media groups. One of the victims also received the videos. She was shocked to see that he had taken their video without her knowledge.

She approached the Mogalthur police and filed a complaint. When the police took the accused into custody and seized his phone, they were shocked to see that over a period of few months the accused had cheated more than 18 women and videos with them as well. The episode had created a furore in the town and left people aghast. Furious locals demanded police to take stern action against the accused and his accomplice.

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