Palamaneru, Chittoor: Parents and family members of Hemavathi killed her for marrying outside their caste. They later dumped the body in a well outside the village. The killers, her parents and sister, have been taken into custody.

Police said that Hemavathi's family refused to accept her inter-caste marriage which took place more than two years ago. Only last week, the victim had given birth to a daughter and it was being felt that her father, Bhasker Naidu and other family members would now come around.

But on Friday, when she was returning from the hospital, her parents, sister and other male members waylaid her and forcibly drove away on a bike with her. Later, was strangled and her body dumped in a well.

Villagers, who came to know of the horrific incident, attacked the house of Bhaskar Naidu, burnt a bike and destroyed a few articles.

Police registered a case under many sections and are investigating the matter.

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