Chittoor Rural: YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's government plans to supply ration directly to the home of beneficiaries without compromising on the quality of rice. There are 2,877 General Stores in the district, under which there are 11,07,886 ration cards issued. The e-pass system was implemented by the previous government in 2016 to curb irregularities. However, irregularities were not checked by this policy, instead caused more issues for the cardholders. Citing the Aadhaar link, fingerprints and Iris formalities, the cardholders faced trouble in delivering goods. Cardholders are undergoing difficulties to purchase goods every month.

As per the details of the ration cards in the district,

Number of General Stores: 2,877

Ration Cards: 11,07,886

MLS points: 28

Monthly supply of rice: 18,864.95 metric tonnes

Sugar: 600.22 metric tonnes,

Wheat: 1,113.67 metric tons

Oats: 3,315.81 metric tonnes of

Toor Dal: 2,227.35 metric tons

1.10 lakh of all cardholders in the district are manually being provided ration. While 90 percent of cardholders take it, 10 percent are not collecting their ration. Due to various reasons, the fingerprints of 8,000 cardholders are not being registered into the machine due to which the cardholders have been facing problems for months. For the elderly and those have not completed their bio-metric registration, the relevant Enforcement Deputy Tahsildars, Food Inspection Officers and ASOs will be registering their fingerprints along with their relevant official in one go.

This procedure to supply the goods will take place only when the officer is available, which will be informed to the shop owners. Elderly people do not have the patience to take goods or go to the shops. Officials' records show that 10 percent of cardholders with these types of problems do not carry goods across the district. During the election, DSO stated that the elderly people, who had not undergone the bio-metric procedure were handed over the goods to their home. After a couple of days, this procedure of supplying goods to their homes was stopped. Now YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's government will be implementing the system to provide the services to the cardholder's home.

The district supplies 18,864.90 metric tonnes of rice every month to 28 MLS points. Sugar is supplied with 600.22, Oats - 3,315.81, and Toor Dal - 2,227.35 metric tons. MLS points and stores are varying widely. Consumers are facing huge losses with illegal evacuation of goods. Vigilance checks are required to prevent these. On the other hand, shop owners and Enforcement departments have been subjected to misuse of subsidized goods. To curb these, the government is working on a new approach to public distribution. The decision was made to distribute all ration goods in packets.

The government is focused to ensure that quality of rice is offered to cardholders. It is noteworthy that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has taken a decision in the cabinet in this regard. Varieties of rice are currently being supplied from general stores. The rice is being recycled and is coming to the open market. The government wants to distribute quality rice to cardholders.

The Department of Civil Supplies will distribute ration rice in 5, 10 and 20 kg packets. These packets are supplied by village volunteers. Five kg is supplied to one beneficiary in the card, 10 kg for two, 15 kg packets for three and 20 kg packets for four members. In addition, five types of essentials are provided. There are plans to distribute sugar, toor dal, salt, palm oil and wheat flour. Distribution of Oats and Sorghum is under consideration. The machines are weighed and distributed to the public in the form of packets. Initially it was estimated that 35 centers would be set up to make rice packets. Steps are being taken to distribute the goods from September 1 onwards.

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