Wife, Lover Pay Rs 50K Supari To Murder Husband

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Nellore: Nellore Police cracked a murder mystery of an auto driver Chepuru Srinivasulu who was found murdered in Manubolu mandal on May 28.

In a press meet conducted in the Mandal police station, Gudur DSP Babu Prasad explained how they cracked the case.

The victim was an auto driver who was living in Madamanuru village. On the night of May 28, he had his dinner and went to the backyard to wash his hands. He was accosted and attacked by unidentified assailants who stabbed him to death.

The police were called in and investigations commenced. Based on the information given by the victim's relatives, they initially suspected a local man from the village as they had personal enmities. But this proved to be wrong.

The clues team meanwhile found the murder weapons, kerchiefs, slippers and a match box which had Tamil alphabets on it, which changed the course of their investigation. They also started verifying the antecedents of his wife Sarada who hailed from Malluru village in Muthukur mandal. When they enquired about her, they got to know that she was having an illicit affair with another man. They were told that she was having an affair with a man named Rajendran from Pudukichalam in Tamil Nadu since the past seven years.

She apparently has been plotting to eliminate her husband with the help of Rajendran and hatched a plan to have him murdered.

Rajendran got in touch with a man named Babu from Paluthigaimeedu village in Tamil Nadu. Rajendran gave him and another minor boy a sum of Rs 50,000 to have him killed.

As per the plan, the trio on May 28 night attacked and stabbed Srinivasulu in the backyard and fled.

Based on the matchbox clue that was left behind at the scene of crime, the police arrested them and also took the victim's wife Sarada into custody.

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