Heat Wave In Telugu States Makes Ramzan Fasting Difficult For Muslims

Muslims in both the states are finding it to difficult to fast through the day - Sakshi Post

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are reeling under a heat wave with scorching temperatures being recorded everywhere. Towns and cities across the two states have turned into veritable furnaces making life for the man on the street increasingly challenging.

Muslims in both the states are finding it difficult to fast through the day, though most of them do so regardless of the sizzling heat.

Fasting in the holy month of Ramzan is one of the five pillars of Islam and is adhered to scrupulously by Muslims across the world. Maqbool, an auto-rickshaw driver in Falaknuma, said that his mouth goes dry every day in the early hours itself but he draws upon his inner resources and spiritual strength to fast through the day and earn a few hundred rupees by sunset. He then goes home after buying some fruits and provisions to join his family for Iftar.

Azeez, a fruit vendor from Erragadda said that braving the heat through the day was a trying exercise for those who practiced fasting but Allah provides the strength to withstand the hardship and gives you the endurance to go through a searing summer day, he added.

“Sitting in the comfort of the home, though the kitchen is a hot place, in my mind I am concerned about the men folk who ply their wares or work outdoors in the hot sun. I always prays to Allah to give them the fortitude to practice fasting and to bless them” says Fathima, a homemaker from Dabeerpura.

With temperatures showing no signs of dipping, fasting Muslims are hoping that praying to fulfill their religious practice of fasting without a hitch this Ramzan.

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