Prosecute Ravi Prakash To Save Media:Vijayasai Reddy

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Hyderabad: Terming TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash, who is currently courting arrest in a forgery case, as a “termite”, YSR Congress Party general secretary V Vijayasai Reddy said the former should surrender to police in order to save the media and the society at large.

In a series of tweets on Thursday evening, the YSR Congress leader launched a scathing attack on Ravi Prakash. He called Ravi Prakash a "rusted missile" unleashed by TDP supremo N Chandrababu Naidu and time was ripe that his misdeeds would come into glaring public light.

In an apparent reference to TV9’s tagline, he said the media would only regain its lost credibility if persons like Ravi Prakash who took on a messianic role for “a better society” was arrested and prosecuted.

He said it was TV9 under the stewardship of Ravi Prakash which brought corporate frauds, marital discords, and discussions aimed at humiliating various faiths onto the television screen. In a veiled reference to TV9’s oft-heard tag line that calls for the annihilation of caste, Vijayasai Reddy said Ravi Prakash had actually promoted caste madness in a severe way in Telugu states despite professing that caste never existed.

Referring to an alleged fraud by Ravi Prakash in which Satyam Ramalinga Raju was blackmailed and was duped of crores of rupees, Vijayasai Reddy said persons like Ravi Prakash had brought the news media into the hands of blackmailers and casteist individuals.

Vijayasai Reddy also came down heavily on actor Sivaji and accused him of hand in glove with Ravi Prakash in hatching a conspiracy that came to be known popularly as ‘Operation Garuda’ in Andhra Pradesh.

The YSRCP leader said investigation should be done to ascertain how “broker” Sivaji, a struggler actor, could acquire prime lands in Hyderabad and Amaravathi. “Sivaji’s Operation Garuda is a concocted story and a conspiracy. Investigation should reveal what is his role in frauds committed by Ravi Prakash,” he added.

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