Fire Destroys Equipment Worth Rs 2 Crore At BSNL Office

Cable wires and equipment destroyed at BSNL Telephone Exchange office - Sakshi Post

Pithapuram: The technical terminal was burnt to ashes in the fire erupted at the BSNL Telephone Exchange office in Pithapuram on Tuesday night. With the internet cables and other equipment getting destroyed, the property loss has been estimated to over Rs Two crores. Due to the fire, the Internet and cellular services were stalled which in turn caused a lot of difficulties for various banks in the constituency owing to discontinuation of internet services.

In the exchange range in Pithapuram constituency, around 10,000 cell phone connections and more than 1,000 Internet connections have been halted. After more than four hours, customers were able to access BSNL services temporarily. Telecom ADG Gauri Shankar reviewed the situation at the office. He revealed that the cause of the incident was due to an electric short circuit and they have taken steps to restore services without any difficulties for the customers.

Locals claim that even with the telephone exchange office holding equipment worth crores, the measures for fire safety have not been implemented which is the reason everything was burnt in the fire.

The locals also said that there was no one present in the office when the incident took place and the employees got to know about the fire the next day when they resumed their duties. According to the eyewitnesses, the accident of such magnitude took place as there was no one present in the office particularly, an organisation which needs to be working on a 24-hour basis.

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