Timpany School Fee Hike: Parents Mull Hunger Strike In Vizag

Timpany School in Visakhapatnam - Sakshi Post

Visakhapatnam: A few parents staged a protest in front of the Timpany School in Visakhapatnam, resenting the steep fee hike by the school management. It is reported that 10 parents have also staged a hunger strike against the decision made by the school management to hike the fees by 30 to 40 percent. They were demanding for the school management to roll back the decision.

Earlier, the school was in the eye of a storm when they had directed its students to buy the school uniforms and stationery from the school itself, at high prices.

Sources say that the Hike in fees was done without the consent of the Parent-Teacher Association. Parents have said that the school management had promised to roll back the fee hike but no action has been taken in this regard yet.

The parents appealed to the District Collector to address the issue and requested for action to be taken against the school management by the Board of Education.

They further said that the strike will continue till the school management does not roll back the increase in fee.

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