Amaravati: Chief Electoral Officer Gopala Krishna Dwivedi announces that last day to apply for the right to vote in the elections is March 15. The applications received after the date shall be reviewed after the elections and the last date to enroll will not be extended. He asserted that the responsibility to check if their name is present in the list rests on the individuals. The government is planning to run an awareness campaign for all the voters using different media. He pointed out that if the online server is down while applying for the vote then applications are accepted offline--the applicants can submit their applications with booth level officer to RDO office.

He denied that AP was lagging behind in the enrollment of voters and added that AP was on par with the national average. AP CEO predicted that there is going to be a rise of 7% to 9% in the number of voters and the total number of voters may go up to 3.95 crores.

Gopala Krishna Dwivedi said that a total of 20,00,000 votes have been added to the list before January 11 and opined that another 20,00,000 voters will be added after the associated voters' lists are released.

CEO announced that special teams have been assigned for the upcoming elections. It is learned that a total of 6600 flying squads, 6160 strategic surveillance teams, 31 interstate check posts, 46 temporary check posts and 18 mobile check posts will be working. Under the supervision of the Commercial tax department, 161 teams are being deployed to keep an eye on transactions. For surveillance on social media, district level and state level teams are appointed. He added that in the past three days Rs 29.91 crore cash, 13.57 kilos of gold, and 70 vehicles have been seized by the authorities along with 190 gelatin sticks, 50 kg of ammonium nitrate.