Inter Chemistry Paper Leak Worries Students

Inter Chemistry Paper Leak Worries Students - Sakshi Post

Vijayawada: Students in Guntur district are stricken with worry after rumours spread regarding Intermediate First-Year Chemistry paper has been leaked on Tuesday.

The speculation escalated to a level where the Board of Intermediate deputed officials had to intervene and dismissed the rumours.

Calling the rumours baseless, the BIE Officials ruled out any sort of paper leak. The police informed that the rumours first surfaced at the Shanti Niketan College in Sattenapalli. Within no time, they spread to other colleges where the Intermediate exams were in progress.

The students, who heard the rumours ahead of the scheduled exam began enquiring the alleged leak with the lecturers at the college. They worried about the impact of the paper leak would have on their overall results.

Soon after, the BIE officials visited the exam centres at Sattenapali and scanned through the CCTV footage. Observing that the question paper bundles were opened after 8.45 am as per the schedule, the officials rejected the paper leak claims after questioning the custodian of the papers, chief superintendent and other officers in the seven exam centres at Sattenapalli.

They further said that the students have nothing to worry about and the Intermediate exams advanced smoothly without any hindrance in 1,430 exam centres across the state.

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