Visakhaptnam Polytechnic Student Creates Car Auto

car designed by Polytechic student Janapareddy Madhu - Sakshi Post

Visakhapatnam: The youth of this country are becoming torchbearers to innovation, be it in any sector. In one such instance, a rural youth from Andhra Pradesh proved his talent by designing a car and making it hit the road. Visakhapatnam polytechnic student comes up with a diesel car using an autorickshaw’s engine, with a top speed of 80 km per hour.

Janapareddy Madhu hailing from the village of Choudwada, Visakhapatnam district has been very interested in automobiles since his childhood. He is currently pursuing his polytechnic in mechanical.

He came up with the innovative idea to create a car out of an auto’s engine. Madhu started off with fixing high capacity cut plates to the auto engine and muolded the iron sheets to give it the look of a car. This polytechnic student later fixed a dashboard, steering and doors to it.

The mileage of this car is 30 km/l of Diesel and the maximum speed is 80 km/ph. Madhu got the car to life on Friday in the presence of all the villagers.

Meanwhile, the total amount spent on his car is Rs 80,000 till now. Talking to the media, Madhu added that this would not have been possible without the support of his parents.

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