Proddutur: A con-woman stole gold from a house when the owner was in the other room. According to the police, the old couple Balachandra Reddy a retired lecturer and Shankaramma residing near the Sai Baba temple in YMR colony in Proddutur, rented the first floor to a bank employee.

On Thursday, an unknown woman was standing in front of their house. Shankaramma asked the lady who she was looking for and was told that she came to meet the bank employee. Believing her, Shankaramma went into the house, and was quietly followed by the visitor. The thief stole gold ornaments worth 11 tolas from the wardrobe without the knowledge of the landlady.

By the time Shankaramma came out, the thief had started to make a run for the highway. Later, the thief stopped a biker and requested him to drop her at a nearby hospital. But she got off near the court building and had changed into another outfit. As soon as she came out another biker came to pick her up and the both of them left the location.

Police questioned the first biker, who dropped the lady at the Court and he told them that he was not aware of who she was. He dropped her at the hospital when she said it was an emergency. Police are searching for the man, who later picked her up her from the Court. They are suspecting that both of them are related to the matter.

Three town CI Jaya Naik released the pictures of the accused to the media and even announced a prize for people who could provide any clues on the identity or whereabouts of the woman and her partner.

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