Tirupati Devotees Hair Auction Earns Crores!

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Hyderabad: Every year lakhs of devotees visit the shrine of Lord Venkateshwara at Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh. Devotees visiting this temple offer their hair to the Lord, as is widely known. The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) board auctions the hair which is offered by the devotees.

In the recently held auction TTD raised Rs 11.17 crore in the e-auction of 1,43,900 kg (143.9 tonnes) of human hair in January. This e-auction was held on Thursday to five grades of hair, along with grey hair. Taking length of the hair as the criteria was categorized into five grades.

Grade one - 27 inches or above, Grade two - 19 to 26 inches, Grade three - 10 to18 inches, Grade four - 5 to 9 inches, Grade five - less than 5 inches.

200 kg of 2,900 kg of first grade A category hair was sold for Rs 52.01 lakh.  2,100 kg of B category hair placed for auction was sold for auction of which 200 kg of hair was sold for Rs 36.66 lakh.

3,100 kg under the second grade-A category hair was sold for a whopping Rs 5.48 crore, with a kilogram selling for Rs. 17,011. In the same grade B category hair of 9,500 kg was opened for auction nearly half of which was bought at a staggering Rs  3.66 crore.

On the one hand, third grade-A category hair of 1,000 was sold at Rs 60.22 lakh and on the other hand, third grade-B category hair 11,700 kg of was up for sale but only 100 kg was bought for Rs 4.55 lakh. However, fourth grade hair of 2500 kg up for e-auction, went unsold while 1,35,000 kg of fifth grade hair was sold out for Rs 48.62 lakh.

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