TDP MP CM Ramesh Whatsapp Account Blocked

TDP MP CM Ramesh Whatsapp Account Blocked - Sakshi Post

Amaravati: TDP MP CM Ramesh received a major shock on social media. He complained that his Whatsapp account had been banned. The popular chat messaging platform blocked his account after receiving complaints, it is learnt.  CM Ramesh wrote to the administrators and was informed that his account has been blocked in view of several complaints about its use.

WhatsApp had earlier stated that it would crack down on accounts which were used for circulating controversial posts. It had stated that in the light of upcoming general elections it would act stringently against accounts being used to circulate controversial political posts and comments. WhatsApp is learnt to be monitoring accounts of several politicians of various parties across the political spectrum. Meanwhile, CM Ramesh alleged that the Central government was behind the blocking of his Whatsapp account as elections were fast approaching. He said he would take necessary legal action. The TDP MP sought the restoration of his account from WhatsApp.

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