Kurnool: Orvakal airport, which is still under construction, is getting ready for the trial run. Only a few roads have been completed till now, but the government is very particular to start the airport in the first week of new year.

Terminal plant, the Waiting room for passengers, Air traffic control complex and many other buildings are still in progress. As of now only runway, approach road, parking place for the planes are ready. The airport is going to be opened on January, 7 trail run has started from Monday. The plane being used for this trial run is CESSNA CITATION CJ2, a small plane with a seating capacity of 4 to 6 passengers.

The trial run begins at 10:30 am and will go on till 1:30 pm in the afternoon. Collector Satyanarayana and other officials are going to participate in the event. It is being said that as the elections are around the corner, the government is opening this airport on January 7, 2019. Many people turned up at the airport to look at the plane on Sunday. It might take more time than expected to finish the airport looking at the current infrastructure available at the location.

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