Bridegroom Flees Wedding Venue, Another Youth Steps In To Tie The Knot

Pandipelli Ramesh with his new bride - Sakshi Post

Husnabad Rural: It was a marriage with more twists and turns one sees in a Tollywood movie. A groom ran away at the very last minute from the wedding venue leaving the bride's parents in a fix. Fortunately, a large-hearted young man stepped in and tied the knot to everyone's relief.

Rajalingu and Bhulakshmi of Potlapalli village decided to get their daughter married to her paternal aunt's son and cousin, Pandipelli Srinivas of Chigurumamidi mandal. Srinivas however, was in love with a girl from Nustulapur. When Rajalingu and his wife came to know of their nephew's interest in another girl, they decided to get their daughter married to another young man from Mulkunur, Pandipelli Ramesh.

However, Srinivas's mother put her foot down and insisted on her son's marriage with her niece. Just when it seemed that everything had been sorted out, Srinivas, who reached the venue of the wedding with the girl's parents, got down from the vehicle and ran away.

Rajalingu and Bhulakshmi, along with their relatives reached out to Ramesh's parents and finally the marriage took place much to the relief of the girl's parents. Ramesh earned the appreciation of the relatives of the girl for his big-hearted and gracious gesture.

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