Amaravati: Chief Minister Chandrababu’s benami, CM Ramesh threw a fit telling the water resources department officials, that the ongoing investigation against his company should not be the cause for declining a tender to his company, according to sources. A senior leader is said to be supporting him. The Commissioner of Tenders (CoT) is set to issue tenders worth Rs 293 crores to Ramesh’s company, with pressure mounting on him.  Rs 4,460 crores was the estimated cost of Telugu Ganga project in 2007 by the then government. By 2009, 95% of the works were completed and considering the pending 5% the estimate was escalated to Rs 6,617.62 crores in 2018. It is clear, sources say, the top leader wanted to line his pockets by enhancing the costs.
As a part of the plan, lining to the main Telugu Ganga canal from 0.00 km to 18.20 km and from 18.200 km to 42.566 km which was left out earlier, lining to the link channel from Banakacharla Cross Regulator(0.00 km) to Velugodu balancing reservoir(7.380 km) were pending. According to the orders issued in 2007, the value of the work is Rs 172.99 crores. In the latest orders it was quoted as Rs 180 crores. But the top leader demanded an increase in the cost prices. Officials, who came under pressure issued orders that the estimation be hiked to Rs 280.27 crores in June. The total value of the project was Rs 239.03 crores. Senior leader also demanded the contract should be handed over to CM Ramesh’s company and an open tender notification was issued by setting the time limit at 18 months. CM Ramesh’s company Rithwik, Suya, HES infra also filed their bids. Suya representative complained against Rithwik company for submitting invalid eligibility papers in the Telugu Ganga lining work.
In another instance, CM Ramesh’s company has sublet the contract issued to them and got papers that they have completed the project. This happened in Bansanagar canal project in the districts of Mirzapur, Allahabad of Uttar Pradesh, said the Suya company representatives.
CoT has ordered the officials to look in to the allegations against CM Ramesh’s company by Suya representatives. This has irked CM Ramesh, who argued with the Water resources department officials. The top leader also entered the forcing the officials' had, it is leanrt. In the end, they had to grant the contract to CM Ramesh’s company.

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