NITI Aayog Summit: Chandrababu’s Real Face Revealed

Chandrababu Naidu’s real face became evident when he was all smiles while receiving Prime Minister Narendra Modi - Sakshi Post

New Delhi: Looks like Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have patched up, if one were to go by what happened at the NITI Aayog meeting in the nation's capital on Sunday.

The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister's real face was unveiled as he appeared all smiles while receiving Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the sidelines of the fourth NITI Aayog Governing Council meet in New Delhi.

Chandrababu, who often criticizes the BJP for not according the Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh, looked the happiest in the room when he met PM Modi here. Ever since the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) opted out of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), leaders of the two parties have been involved in verbal duels on the issue of failure to deliver the bifurcation promises, as laid out in he AP Re-organization Act, 2014.

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In this backdrop, Chandrababu met with the PM and both were seen exchanging pleasantaries while discussing issues pertaining to AP. This gave rise to speculation that the snapping of ties between TDP and the BJP may not have been what it appeared to be.

Chandrababu's true colours seems to have been now exposed and his criticism of the BJP leaders proved to be mere drama.

The AP CM is known to blow his own trumpet. All along, he's been harping on the fact that the highest GSDP contribution in India was from AP and that the residuary Telugu state was No.1 in economic growth, which he pointed out yet again during the NITI Aayog Meet. However, little did he realise that it would act against AP.

In reply to all the false claims made by the AP CM on the state's development, NITI Aayog vice-chariman on his visit to the state had stated that AP didn't need either Special Category Status or hand-holding considering its impressive economic growth.

"With an average per capita income higher than the national average, special status demand is...well, you should think about it," he is believed to have added.

To that the AP CM said: "Yes, even today the highest GSDP contribution in the country is ours, which means we are number one in (economic) growth. But the main problem is we are in the low base."

But after saying the state's growth was unprecedented under the TDP how could Chandrababu could even expect any aid from the Centre. Painting a rosy picture to cover his government’s inadequacies is one thing has definitely proved suicidal to the state given that the Centre seems to be in no mood to relent now to the demands being made by the state.

Meanwhile, Chandrababu also drew the flak of many, when he took credit for the support extended to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, who is currently holding a hunger strike, by a group of four Chief Ministers.

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