Vizag Gas Leak: Pawan Kalyan Asks Parties ‘Not To Agitate’ Amid COVID-19

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HYDERABAD: Actor-turned-politician, Janasena party chief Pawan Kalyan on Saturday urged all the political parties in Andhra Pradesh not to get into a protest mode over LG Polymers chemical plant gas leak disaster in Visakhapatnam, citing the coronavirus pandemic that the whole country is fighting against..

He took to his twitter and said, "In times of corona (coronavirus) pandemic, we should focus on helping the gas (leak) victims, not doing agitations."

In another tweet, he observed that "Certain political parties are doing agitations about ‘LG polymers gas leak’ in Visakhapatnam and it will only increase the numbers of covid-19 patients and situation might go out of hand."

He also urged his followers and party activists not to participate in agitations saying, "I request all Janasainiks & JSP leaders not to be part of such agitations, as this is not the right time for such agitations. Kindly, focus on helping victims' families."

At least, 12 persons were killed and about 200 people were hospitalized after inhaling Styrene gas that leaked from the chemical plant in the wee hours of Thursday. Some of the affected victims are being treated at the King George Hospital in Visakhapatnam while more than a hundred people were discharged after treatment on Friday.

A case of several counts including negligence and culpable homicide has been registered against the company.

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