‘Media Portraying AP Govt In Poor Light For Ratings’

Stranded passengers at  the Telangana-Andhra Pradesh borders - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: Perni Venkataramaiah Minister for Transport, I&PR criticised several news channels which were portraying the Andhra Pradesh government in poor light just for the sake of boosting their ratings.

Speaking to the media on Friday, he questioned whether it was justified on their part for doing so, that too during the current crisis going on in the country right now. Isn't there a need for social responsibility, he asked further. He made these statements in context where a section of the media wrongly misrepresented the events that took place two days ago at the Telangana-Andhra Pradesh borders where several hundreds of people were stranded after the lockdown came into effect.

Speaking further, he asked as to how the government could allow people at the border into the state without proper medical check up and mandatory quarantine. If they were sent home without undergoing any medical tests would they not pose a threat to the people, he asked. The Minister appealed to the students and their parents to understand this and bear in mind the difficult situation.

He said that stranded people have been kept at function halls and donors are requested to provide assistance through appropriate authorities. Volunteers will be assisting those who have trouble-getting food, he assured.

Speaking further, the Minister said that the Cabinet has approved the three-month Vote on Account Budget Ordinance. The decision was made, as the Government was unable to convene the Assembly sessions due to the lockdown imposed in lieu of the coronavirus outbreak.

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