TDP Leader Kuna Ravi Kumar Arrested For Abusing Panchayat Official 

Screen grab: Former TDP  Amadalavalasa MLA  Kuna Ravi Kumar arrested for abusing EOPRD panchayath official Gunapu Venkata Peda Appalanayadu  - Sakshi Post

SRIKAKULAM: Former TDP MLA of Amadalavalasa and government whip Kuna Ravi Kumar was arrested onMonday by the police for abusing, using objectionable and foul language against a government official in Srikakulam district. Cases under Sections 353, 306 read with Section 109 of the Indian Penal Code were registered against him based on a complaint filed by aggirved official. A person in consequence of anything done or attempted to be done by such person in the lawful discharge of his duty as a public serv­ant, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both the section read.

The TDP leader once again indulged in belittling government officials in Srikakulam district, on Sunday. In a recent development a call recording of the TDP leader threatening and abusing Sarubujjili in-charge EOPRD named Gunapu Venkata Peda Appalanayadu on the phone has come to the fore on social media .

Kuna Ravi Kumar is heard abusing the government employee, using offensive words and even went to the extent of threatening to bury him alive. He had called the official regarding an amount related to Ravivalasa panchayat, which had to be allegedly transferred to one of his men.

This is not the first time that the TDP leader has abused government employees, in the past he had abused Sarubijjili MPDO A Damodar Rao and EOPRD PV Muralimohan and threatened to thrash them. Similarly, in another instance Ravi Kumar is said to gave hurled abuses against an RWS JE at Burja. There are countless number of incidents of him threatening the panchayat secretaries and lower division employees in the district.

In fact the TDP leader who is currently on bail for abusing the above mentioned govt employees, was reportedly on the run after a case was lodged against him for damaging public property. He was booked under Prevention of Damage of Public Property Act. The Srikakulam local court rejected his anticipatory bail plea and Kuna Kumar had to move the high court for bail and has been lying low since last year.

Government employees in the district have staged protests against the high-handed behaviour of the Kuna Ravi Kumar and have threatened to stage a pen down if this continued. The employees' unions have stated that if any work has to be done it should be done in a democratic way and it's not correct to abuse employees .It has become a habit for him to threaten and abuse us, they said. Appalanayadu said that Kuna Ravi Kumar had abused him earlier before and has been interfering in their work and abusing on a personal level. Appalanayadu said that he feared for his life and had also lodged a complaint with Amudalavalasa CI Prasada Rao against the TDP leader. Based on his complaint a case was registered against the TDP leader.

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