Select Committee Has No Sanctity:Dy CM P Subhash Chandrabose

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AMARAVATI: Since the Select Committee was not formed within 14 days after the announcement by the Chairman, it is not valid anymore, said Deputy Chief Minister Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, he stated that the Council Chairman went against the rules of the house in the name of discretionary powers and sent the Bill to the Select Committee on his own .

TDP members are making false accusations on the government that we are influencing Assembly Secretary to rule out the Select Committee but we need not influence anyone going against the rules. It is Chandrababu Naidu, who went against the rules and influenced the Council Chairman to use the discretionary powers. In the Council, if there is anyone who went against the rules then it is TDP members.

Though Rule 71 doesn’t apply for the Bill, the members demanded the discussion to which the Chairman agreed. We even agreed for the discussion but the Chairman instead of asking for the voting, in the name of discretionary powers referred it to the Select Committee. One cannot do everything with discretionary powers,’ he said.

The Deputy CM further stated that Chandrababu Naidu influenced the Chairman by sitting in a visitors’ gallery. “It is a shameful act for a person who was Chief Minister for 14 years and they are alleging that we are fearing for the Select Committee. It is they who overruled the stipulated guidelines of the House and created chaos. The senior most leader Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, who always talks about house rules has gone against them. Sivaramakrishnan Committee made a report by considering low-cost displacement, minimum losses, environment-friendly and lastly low-cost establishment. The Commission Report was not considered and had set up Minister Narayana committee laden with businessmen. It is sad to see the statements given by Naidu. He was saying to sell 5,000 acres and construct the capital, but that land belongs to farmers and should not be treated in such a way. Today they are protesting on roads because of Naidu. They should question Naidu, not our Chief Minister " he said.

Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council Ummareddy Venkateshwarulu said that the TDP members have intentionally committed the mistake and went against the House rules. "Instead of sending queries or objections on the bill immediately, they listed them all at the end of the day and referred to the Select Committee. Right before the announcement, Chairman of the House agreed that he is doing the mistake. As per the rules, rule 154 is not applicable after Chairman himself agreed with the mistake. After constituting Select Committee there are seven more steps to be followed. They have to disclose the details of the members and also about the members representing from each party. If any member asks for division, the Chairman has to put a division too. However nothing as such was done and we all saw the Committee members names in the newspaper, which is quite pathetic. Everyone knew that it is TDP members who called the Assembly Secretary and threatened, but they are accusing us" he added.

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