Chandrababu’s Rude Remarks Irks AP Speaker

Chandrababu’s Rude Remarks Irks AP Speaker Tammineni AP Assembly Winter Session  2019 - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: Speaker of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly Tammineni Sitaram expressed his ire at the Opposition Leader and TDP Chief N Chandrababu Naidu's unparliamentary remarks against him.

Speaking on the third day of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly Winter sessions on Wednesday, Chandrababu made several critical statements during the discussion session of introduction of English medium in schools.

In a slip of his tongue Chandrababu said that," maryadaga ondadu", loosely translated ‘that it wouldn't be polite’, as he wasn't given the mike. This irked the Speaker who expressed his outrage over the opposition leader's comments on the Speaker's position. He fired the TDP leader and demanded that these comments be withdrawn immediately. This sparked off a furore in the Assembly and the TDP leaders started shouting back at the Speaker's podium, which angered the Speaker further.

The Speaker lambasted Chandrababu, saying that he who claimed to have a lot of experience in politics was behaving in such a disrespectful manner.

In a continuous tirade, the Speaker questioned him as to who was being disrespectful, and that it was they (TDP) who were behaving rudely. "Who needs your political experience, you should have manners and courtesy," Tammineni Sitaram chided.

Please maintain decorum, he said and asked Chandrababu to behave appropriately in the House in his capacity as an Opposition leader. Not stopping there, the Speaker who was visibly angered with the Chandrababu and Gorantla Buchhayya Chaudhuri rantings , said that they were not in a position to respect the chair and their frustration was apparent, he said.

Finally, the Speaker said that if they did not withdraw their comments they would be deleted from the records.

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