Actor Suman Over Pawan Kalyan’s Statement On Punishing the Accused in Disha’s Case

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GUNTUR: Telugu film actor Suman reacted strongly to the comments made by Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan, in context to the rape and murder of the veterinary doctor in Shadnagar, which rocked the entire nation.

Speaking to reporters in Guntur on Thursday, the Telugu actor said it was highly objectionable and for Pawan Kalyan to make such a statement that it was enough to punish the accused by just caning them ,was irresponsible.

He also questioned that if a similar incident happened to someone from his own family would he say such a thing and react in the same way, he asked in an incensed tone. Suman advised Pawan Kalyan to understand the agony, which the victims undergo before making any such statements. He also demanded stringent action to be taken against the rapists.

In a meeting held yesterday in Tirupati with his party workers , Pawan Kalyan said that the accused in the ' Disha's incident should be beaten and caned till their skins come off , but they should not be hanged. He went on to say that various sections of the society were saying many things that they should be hanged, or lynched to death. In one instance , he said that a judge of a higher court in Delhi said that his genitals should be chopped off. He reminded that nobody had the right to kill and if any such incidence happens the accused should be given two smacks with a cane.

This statement led to a widespread uproar in the Telugu states and many women condemned Pawan Kalyan's statement as derogatory and insensitive towards the victim and women in large.

Andhra Pradesh Home Minister Mekathoti Sucharitha said that Pawan Kalyan statements were highly inappropriate, that too when the entire nation was demanding that the accused should be hanged to death for the rape and murder of the young vet doctor.

"Will crimes be controlled just merely caning the culprits," she asked. The Home Minister said that the Andhra Pradesh Government would soon bring in an ordinate for woman safety.

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