Sujana Choudary Is In ‘Babu Janala Party’: YSRCP Vijaysai Reddy

YSRCP MP V Vijayasai Reddy - Sakshi Post

TADEPALLI: YSR Congress Party Parliamentary leader and MP V Vijayasai Reddy said that the press meet conducted by BJP MP Sujana Choudary has once again made it clear that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is separate ... and the ''Babu Janala Party''(BJP) is separate.

In his inimitable style, Vijayasai Reddy took to the Twitter platform in response to Sujana Chaudhary's comments, that YSRCP MPs were in touch with the BJP. Scoffing at Chandrababu and the senior TDP leaders he said, " Just like how if Chandrababu Naidu talks about on corruption, Lokesh Naidu on hunger issues, Achchem Naidu on sand trafficking, Chintamaneni about women's protection, Uma on etiquette, and Yanamala lecturing on eminence of the status of speaker. In the same way Bhajana (Sujana) Chaudhary who had defrauded banks talks about the welfare of Andhra Pradesh, which sounds as ridiculous , he said.

This time Sujana Choudary should conduct a variety press where apart from reporters, he should also call for the half a dozen banks officials which Sujana had looted in thousands of crores and answer their queries. May be them one would understand why Sujana joined the BJP and why Chandrababu made him switch parties, he tweeted in an indirect reference to Sujana's bank fraud cases.

Continuing his sarcastic tweet while referring to the yellow media he asked as to why Andhra Jyothi, who once posted a story on the front page of "Sujana's Corrupt empire", now has gone to portray Sujana Choudary as Justice Choudary and live streamed his press conference yesterday.

Whether this was in public interest or whether the public had got to know of his interests , he said in a direct jibe at him.It may be recollected that MP Sujana Choudary left the TDP and joined the BJP recently.

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