TADEPALLI: Minister for Tourism Avanti Srinivas slammed the TDP activists for making derogatory remarks over him wearing footwear despite being in the ''Ayyappa Swamy " on Tuesday.

He clarified that he had to wear shoes for health reasons, and not in violation of the prescribed principles for those who follow the praise of walking barefoot, when in Deeksha. He said that there was no one else who loved Hinduism more than himself. He stated that he was born in Hinduism ...and would die a Hindu.

He said that even when he was a TDP MP he wore slippers and also reminded that TDP leader and former MP Murali Mohan also wore slippers when in Deeksha.

The Minister lambasted the TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu for using religion in politics. He questioned that as long as he was in the TDP his Deeksha was pure, but just because he joined the YSRCP does it make him any less holy, he scoffed.

Reacting to Chandrababu's criticism of the introduction of English medium in public schools, he said that it was not right on the TDP leader's part for such uncalled for criticism. Taking a dig at Chandrababu's son Nara Lokesh and grandson Devansh , Avanthi said it was okay if they studied in English medium, but don't the poor students also deserve a better chance and study in the same medium, he questioned.

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