ANANTAPUR: Former TDP MP JC Diwakar Reddy was taken into custody by police on Wednesday, when he was en route Venkatapuram village in Bukkarayasamudram mandal. He argued with the police on why he was being arrested and later got into police van.

It has to be recalled that YSRCP-TDP workers in Venkatapuram village were fighting with each other on a particular land, where YSRCP worker Venkatrami Reddy put pegs on the boundary of his land. But, the TDP workers tried to encroach the land and forcibly entered into the land of Venkatrami Reddy.

On Wednesday, JC Diwakar Reddy tried to enter the village with the support of encroachers, but police stopped him on the way. It has to be mentioned here that both Revenue and Police departments have confirmed that the land belongs to Venkatrami Reddy. Meanwhile, YSRCP Singanamala MLA Padmavati alleged that TDP leaders were indulging in caste politics in the village and also in other places.

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